Connected technologies will accelerate security threats to healthcare industry

Life sciences and healthcare companies will follow the lead of other industries and integrate connected technologies including Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligent scanners across their ecosystems as a means to improve operational efficiencies, enhance supply chain visibility and deliver better patient care – but the increasing use of such technologies will accelerate security risks, according to a new set of predictions from Unisys.

“Market forces that to this point have primarily affected other industries are now demonstrating the potential to transform the way life sciences and healthcare companies operate,” said Jeff R. Livingstone, PhD, vice president and global head, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Unisys. “For example, if the pharmaceutical industry looks at the processes and best practices being utilized in other types of manufacturing, they can apply and adapt those technological advancements in how they manufacture, provision and supply therapeutics. Ultimately, there is a lot of interconnectivity between industries that can be taken advantage of.”

Consequently, Dr. Livingstone predicts a fundamental consumer-driven shift based on the “retailization” of industries such as healthcare, which incorporates expanded roles for security, and which in turn facilitates a shift from on-premise data management to the cloud.

Source: Help Net Security