Debian releases fresh install media

About a week after the Debian project released fresh installation media containing bug fixes since the launch of Debian 9, the project has provided a new set of install media. This rapid update fixes a minor bug where packages on the Debian ISO files were sorted in the wrong order.

“After the 9.2.0 release was made and published, a bug was found with the sorting of packages in the full DVD, BD and DLBD sets. Due to a glitch on release day, popularity contest data was not available and this caused packages to be sorted incorrectly. This may seem like a comparatively minor issue, but it broke an important feature for some users. After the core set of packages needed for the installer, desktops, etc. are placed onto the first disc in a given set, we normally organise packages in order of decreasing popularity such that most users will typically never need to use more than the first 2 or 3 DVDs (for example). This bug broke that feature, meaning that even quite popular packages could have ended up on DVD#14 due to random sorting.”

Source: Debian