FreeBSD 11.1-RC2

As the FreeBSD team prepares fr the release f FreeBSD 11.1, the developers have been hard at work fixing lingering bugs. The FreeBSD team has announced a new release candidate, 11.1-RC2, for testing. The new development snapshot includes a number of bug fixes since the previous release candidate:

A summary of changes since 11.1-RC1 includes:

o VM subsystem fixes.

o A double-free in RPC code has been corrected, as well as a sanity check ensuring the return value of seteuid() is evaluated.

o A gpart(8) issue with systems with SD cards as the primary drive has been corrected.

o A fix to correct IPv6 header parsing.

o A fix to correct REPORT ZONE commands sent to the da(4) driver.

o A possible panic in camperiphfree() has been fixed.

o A potential panic on boot triggered by ACPI taskqueue creation hasbeen fixed.

o Bug fixes in C++ symbol demangling.

o The ena(4) driver has been added.

o MAP_GUARD has been added for stack grow area protection.

Source: FreeBSD