New Magniber Ransomware Targets South Korea, Asia Pacific

Researchers identified a new ransomware family called Magniber that uniquely targets only users in South Korea and the Asia-Pacific regions. The ransomware is primarily being distributed by the Magnitude exploit kit, a primary distribution vehicle in the past for Cerber ransomware.

Because of Magniber’s close affiliation to both the Magnitude EK and and Cerber, researchers are calling the new ransomware Magniber, a mashup of both names.

“Magnitude EK activity fell off the radar until Oct. 15, 2017, when it came back and began focusing solely on South Korea. Previously it had been distributing Cerber ransomware, but Cerber distribution has declined and now it is distributing ransomware known as Magniber,” wrote FireEye in a report released Thursday on the new ransomware strain.

Source: Threatpost