openSUSE unveils YaST changes

There are some significant new changes coming to the YaST system administration tool included in the openSUSE distribution. People running openSUSE’s rolling “Tumbleweed” branch should soon get to see and test improvements in the way YaST handles storage devices. The improvements are largely due to an overhaul of the Libstorage component which handles partitioning, LVM volumes and disk management.

“This relatively low-level component has been a constant source of headaches for YaST developers for years, but all that effort is about to bear fruit. The original design has fundamental flaws that limited YaST in many ways and the YaST Team have been working to write a replacement for it: the libstorage-ng era has begun. This document offers an incomplete but very illustrative view of the new things that libstorage-ng will allow in the future and the libstorage limitations it will allow to leave behind. For example, it already makes possible to install a fully encrypted system with no LVM using the automatic proposal and to handle much better filesystems placed directly on a disk without any partitioning. In the short future, it will allow to fully manage Btrfs multi-device filesystems, bcache and many other technologies that were impossible to accommodate into the old system.”

Source: OpenSUSE