SUSE creates new community software repository

SUSE is working to expand the number of software packages available to its enterprise customers with a new, community run repository. The new software repository is called SUSE Package Hub and is offered as a free add-on for SUSE Linux Enterprise customers. A post on the SUSE blog states:

“It’s a place where SUSE Linux Enterprise users can go to find a collection of popular open source packages that are pre-built for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, ready to install and use. While the packages from the SUSE Package Hub are not officially supported by SUSE, they are officially approved for use, and you can use these packages with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server without worrying about breaking your SUSE support contract. And even better than Rerun, packages in SUSE Package Hub are free with a valid SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription.”

New packages can be submitted to the repository by community members and third-party software vendors.

Source: SUSE