Ubuntu running on Samsung phones

Samsung has been working on a feature called “Linux on Galaxy” which allows a Samsung smart phone to run full featured, Linux desktop distributions. A brief video has been released which shows a docked Android phone run an application which allows Ubuntu to be run in its own window and desktop applications to be run on the Ubuntu desktop. The Liliputing website reports,

“In the video, we see someone dock their phone, choose the ‘Linux on Galaxy’ option from the desktop, and then choose Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. While that’s the only option shown, the fact that it does seem to be an option suggests you may be able to run different Linux environments as well. Once Ubuntu is loaded, the video shows a user opening Eclipse, an integrated development environment that’s used to create Java (and Android apps). In other words, you can develop apps for Android phones with ARM-based processors on an Android phone with an ARM-based processor.”

Source: Liliputing