WannaMine – new cryptocurrency malware exposes failings of traditional anti-virus tools

Cryptocurrencies have hit the headlines again this week, but this time it is not for good reasons. Nicknamed “WannaMine”, a new malware variant has been taking over computers around the world, hijacking them to mine a cryptocurrency called Monero.

WannaMine was first discovered by Panda Security in October last year, but the malware is only just coming to the attention of the general public, thanks to a number of high profile infections. But unlike other malware variants, WannaMine is proving particularly hard to detect and block.

At the most basic level, WannaMine has been designed to mine a cryptocurrency called Monero. The malware silently infects a victim’s computer, and then uses it to run complex decryption routines that create new Monero. The currency is then added to a digital wallet belonging to the hackers, ready to be spent whenever they choose.

Source: Panda Security